parc lille

Vauban is THE student neighbourhood of Lille where you will enjoy parks and urban recreational greenspace to go for a walk, to grab a sandwich and take it easy. It is the “green area” of Lille. 

One of the most important spot is “Le Bois de Boulogne” where the Citadelle, built by Vauban, is located.People of Lille love to go there for a walk, to run and to cycle. Starting from le Bois de Boulogne you can walk along the river La Deûle and even go to Belgium following the path. You will also find a public zoo (Vauban side of the Bois de Boulogne), the entrance is free and every generation go there to watch birds, monkeys, snakes and many other animals.

Besides le Bois de Boulogne, there are many other green spots where you can enjoy a sunny day. The Vauban park will seduce you with its flower meadows, small creeks and green lawns, you can sit down and relax in a quiet place.

At the end of Vauban boulevard, the Quai du Wault will welcome you for a nice break, close by the city center.

Parc Lille City Guide Vauban